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Kent’s Leading Hi-Fi Specialist

Union Street, Maidstone has remained The Home of Hi-Fi since 1996. During that time, our product range and services have continued to grow. You’ll be hard pushed to find another showroom offering such a wealth of products backed by a team of friendly and enthusiastic people who genuinely want to help and provide a solution for your Audio Visual requirements. Our team are passionate about music and the equipment to play it on. That same passion and enthusiasm is passed on to our customers who visit our showroom.

Buy With Confidence

You will find our staff to be personable and enthusiastic about helping you, regardless of whether your spend is £20 or £20,000. We have two comfortable demonstration rooms (with a third currently in construction) for you to audition products before purchase. If you have never owned a quality audio or Home Cinema system before and are uncertain about anything, then we are happy to explain and help you to the best of our ability.

If Things Go Wrong

From time to time, your cherished purchase may require repair. If this does happen during the warranty period, we will endeavour to keep your system working by offering you the loan of a similar product whilst your faulty product is repaired (subject to availability).

Installation Service

Having decided to spend your hard-earned money on a new Hi-Fi or Home Cinema, unless it is correctly installed in your home, the system will not be performing at its best. For an additional charge, our team will set up your system and help you to achieve the maximum enjoyment from your new purchase.

Bespoke installations are a key element in providing complete customer satisfaction. We are of the opinion that a correctly installed Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system will perform at its very best as a result of care and consideration to the set up and will reward it’s owners with value for money in return.

It is often useful for a member of our team to pay a visit to your home to give you higher quality advice on your installation. We take time to carefully integrate your proposed system, with consideration to surrounds and decor.

Customer Care

Our customers have travelled to our showroom not just from our home County of Kent but from various places including Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, East Sussex, Essex, Hampshire, London, Norfolk, Suffolk, West Sussex, and even overseas including Sydney and Cairo! Why? Simply because we are genuinely interested in providing you with a solution that suits your personal requirements.

Are you disabled? If you experience difficulty getting around and would rather a home visit from our staff, don’t worry, help is at hand! Our staff can provide advice in the comfort of your own home for a potential purchase you may have in mind.


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Meet The Team

  • Byron

    Finding a young and enthusiastic team member is harder than you may think and we are very pleased to report that we have discovered all the essential ingredients in one cool package. Not only is Byron a thoroughly nice chap, he's also very tidy! Byron is responsible for our eCommerce and Social Media engagement. Byron plays bass guitar in Kent-based band 'Los Alcatraz', and was lead guitarist/songwriter in his previous band 'Atlantica'.

  • Ben

    Ben joined our team back in 2008 and has a wealth of technical knowledge and experience. Ben spent several years with KEF Audio and is already proving to be a popular member with our customers and staff alike. He has an uncanny ability of taking things apart and putting them back together - and still they work, brilliant! Ben has a keen interest in flying model aircraft and is frequently smuggling modifications home for his fleet. Psst, don’t tell the Wife!

  • Martyn

    Need a Hi-Fi? Then Martyn's your man. Straight in at the deep end and never comes up for air. If you're unsure of what to buy, Martyn knows! A real music man 24/7, Martyn loves live gigs as well as spending his spare time hosting Radio show 'Revolutions 9 'til 11' on Channel Radio of Dymchurch. Martyn loves to share his musical passion with others - real dedication.

  • Simon

    Simon was here at the very beginning when our Union Street showroom opened in '96 and during his career spent five years working as a Sales Representative for KEF Audio. Simon proudly boasts that his passion for music extends way back to his early years and had his first Hi-Fi separates at just 13 years old. His music tastes are as wide as can be, he even bought 'Parallel Lines' by Blondie at the age of 8 and he still has the same copy!