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Luxul Networking Solutions

The leading innovator of professional-grade networking solutions.

With the increasing demand placed on computer networks (residential and commercial), it is vital to invest in a network solution capable of providing reliability and continuity.

Luxul technologies are used worldwide and are recognised for delivering high performance networking solutions that significantly increase network performance, reliability and usability in a wide range of applications and environments.

All of Luxul’s wireless solutions implement their own patented signal enhancement technologies  and have proven to increase wireless coverage by 400% or more than traditional Wireless network systems.

If your need is to have a stronger wireless connection throughout your home or work space, multiple access points (inside or out), or a connection to a remote building, Luxul have a solution available.

Luxul offer products with a much larger feature set compared to a standard router provided by your network provider. With comfort features such as seamless roaming that allows you to move from room to room, while Luxul does the job of automatically and instantly switching between each access point. This makes for a strong connection throughout the whole house and garden if desired. A secure guest network can be setup enabling visitors to your home to have wireless internet access, without access to the main network and attached storage devices.

Now everyone can stream, search and play simultaneously online with increased speed and reduced buffering (Subject to the available internet speed).

All Luxul products include Free Lifetime Support and a 3 Year Limited Warranty.

To learn more about Luxul wireless and wired network solutions, please call a member of our team on 01622 676703 or email to [email protected]