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IsoTek Mains Conditioning Event

IsoTek Mains Conditioning


Thursday 20th April 2017

If you live in a flat, a built up area, off grid or even in an older house, then your system could be suffering from mains noise. It is widely known that mains noise can seriously affect the performance of your Hi-Fi or home cinema system.

The first connection point to your audio visual products is electricity. Each component requires a mains power supply as it flows through the system to eventually create a signal to make your speakers sing or to light up your big screen. The electricity supply we use is the fundamental raw material that we require in order to bring our systems to life.

The mains supply can be distorted by a number of factors as it travels from power stations until it is distributed throughout our homes. During this process, the quality of the supply gradually degrades the performance of our audio visual products.


The greater the demand for power, the more the quality of the supply will deteriorate…

Another factor that can dramatically affect the quality of our cherished audio visual systems is Common Mode Noise. This type of noise is created from our home wireless networks and Bluetooth devices which can create a great deal of interference.

The quality of electricity which is fed to our audio and AV system has a profound effect on performance, and that’s where IsoTek’s unique clean-power solutions can provide a significant improvement to your system.

Without the use of an IsoTek mains conditioning unit, you can expect to access up to 80 per cent of your system’s full potential, at best.

During the event we will be demonstrating an assortment of IsoTek mains cables and mains products including the EVO3 Polaris, EVO3 Aquarius, EVO3 Synchro, EVO3 Sigmas and EVO3 Genesis One.

To find out more about how IsoTek mains products can enhance your system, please join us at our showroom on Thursday 20th of April 2017 between 12pm – 8pm. A representative from IsoTek will be in attendance throughout the event to demonstrate the benefits of the IsoTek range and will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

We will have some attractive offers available exclusively to visitors of the event.